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Learn Steve’s secret to success in life. How did Steve pursue his passions and hobbies, travel around the world, start, build and eventually sell several businesses for millions, while at the same time actively raising two kids, mentoring many individuals and building relationships that have lasted a lifetime? How did he become a 2x NY Times Best-selling Author, Tony-Nominated Producer, and star in a primetime network show? To learn more and to see how he did it so you can apply his strategy to your life, click here.



Everyone has unique goals, challenges, and passions. That’s why Steve offers one-on-one sessions to help individuals identify and achieve their goals. Through Steve’s actionable advice, individuals learn exactly what they need to do, and how to tactically execute Steve’s plan.

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Keynote Speeches

Setting the tone is paramount to the success of any speaking event. Steve Kaplan’s engaging style and comprehensive lifestyle knowledge has enabled him to become an extremely effective keynote speaker across wide variety organizations. Steve will first thoroughly understand your life objectives and then using his results-driven approach, provide a speech that will leave your audience with the anticipation and focus they need to get the most from your next speaking event.

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